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Atomizer and Cartomizer Fun Facts


 Fun Facts:


1.If you’re getting liquid into your mouth the chances are that your either adding too much liquid or your atomizer may not be operating properly.




2. A Volt meter is the Best tool to use in vaping.




3. Premium 510 Cartomizers both Hard and Soft tip take approximately 20 drops for a full fill.




4. The only difference between Hard tip and Soft tip Cartomizers are the inserts at the top of the unit.




5. If you want to change flavors when using the same Atomizer , without mixing them together. Try adding 2-3 drops of straight VG and vape it to clear out the previous flavor.




6. Using a 3.5Ω Atomizer is the best combination for 6V.




7. It can take approximately 6-10 hours to properly break-in an atomizer.




8. Using 6 volts on an atomizer that is rated under 3.0Ω can reduce the atomizer’s run time.




9. A 901 Atomizer, fits itself right in between a 510 and an 801 focusing on Actual feel (Throat hit) and Flavor.




10. You can use a 510 or 901 cartridge on a KR-808D-1 or 510 Cartomizer.




11. You also use a Drip tip on a Cartomizer.




12. Depending on your liquid, 5-6 volts will either enhance or mutate your flavor.






13. If you ever are experiencing a burning taste, check your device for any excess liquid or build-up. A dirty connection can cause a harsh taste.




14. An 801 Atomizer is geared towards Flavor and Vapor production.




15. Only Preform Atomizer maintenance if absolutely necessary.




16. Using 5-6V is known to reduce the user’s cravings.




17. A Volt meter can tell you if the Atomizer or Cartomizer is truly inoperable.




18. There are many different ways to perform maintenance on an Atomizer or Cartomizer. If your ever stuck, try YouTube.




19. Using a 1.5Ω will drastically reduce your battery’s run time.




20. Air flow plays a key role in vapor production.




21. A 510 atomizer is geared towards Actual feeling (Throat hit) and Vapor production.




For Drippers:


22. 901-510 Atomizer: Add 3-4 drops of liquid down the inner walls of the atomizer per vaping session.




23. 801 Atomizer:  Add 4-6 drops of liquid down the inner walls of the atomizer per vaping session.




24. On the first fill of a new carto, let it soak in for 30 minutes before vaping.




25. If you are a dripper and your atty leaks, you are either dripping too much or not vaping enough.


26. Regardless of atomiser resistance, if you are getting burnt taste with liquid X at HV, use it a lower voltage.




27. When standard attys quit performing at 3.7V, using it at 5V will rejuvenate it wonderfully.  




28. If you prefer cartos over atties, you have probably never tried atties from Ikenvape :)



29. For drippers : liquid will often get "stuck" at the bottom of your drip tip . A quick LIGHT blow down the tube is the cure.